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Roleplay Recap 8 (Offical Plot) pt 1

Hyo snapped back to reality, still surprised the waitress thought they were together. "Yeah, it probably would have been cheaper." He replied, still questioning why the waitress thought they were together. Surely they didn't look like a couple, to him at least. Did they look like a couple..?

(Idk if this is out of character or not, so tell me if it is so I can rewrite it xD)



(Nah, it's good. :3)

Aiyana shook her head, her blush now fading. "You're a opycat, ordering the same thing I did." She joked, shaking her head at him.



Once Aria and Eui-Tae finished packing everything, she tied her hair in a ponytail and gave Eui-Tae a few of her suitcases, grabbing her backpack and the rest of her bags. "The dorm number is 454, right?" She asked him, making sure it was the right dorm number so she didn't go to another person's dorm." (Honestly I don't even remember the number..)



Eui-Tae nodded. "Yeah, if she told us right.. I guess we'll know once we see if two people live here." He says with a smirk and turns the doorknob, pushing the door open and walking inside with two suitcases and an armful of posters.



"No! I just wanted the same thing!" He replied to the short girl, an annoyed look was on his face from her comment.



"Aah, so you wanted specifically a no ice coke and lasagna?" She asked with a raised eyebrow and a laugh. She liked to tease him, since he got so flustered.



Aria followed him into the dorm. She noticed that one side was decorated and looked like someone lived there, and she noticed a logo from a group on the back of the person's computer. Aria looked on the other side of the room to see that no one lived there, it had a twin sized bed with white blankets and pillows on them. At the side of the bed, there was a small nightstand with drawers that was a light tan color. At the foot of the bed on the right side, there was a normal sized desk like the one she had at her dorm. It looked empty and it had enough room for her laptop. It pretty much looked like the same dorm she was in just a different room. "I guess she was right about the dorm." She told him, putting her stuff down on the bed. "Thanks for helping me move my stuff." She told him, still looking around at the dorm every once in a while.

"Yes, I did. I guess we have similar tastes in things." He replied to the small girl, letting 'his pride' getting the best of him. In all honesty, he hated lasagna and couldn't stand drinks without ice.



Eui-Tae set her posters on her bed and put the suitcases beside the doorway. "No problem. Anything I can do, I will." He said and flashed a smile at her. He liked helping her, or doing things for her in general. It was fun, in a way.

Aiyana smiled, buying his words. "Really??

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Aria smiled, looking around. She looked at her walls and noticed she was able to put her posters on her side of the walls, but realized she shared a room with someone and they'd most likely judge her. "I guess I'll have to put my posters away.." She said to herself, sighing that she'll never see them on her wall.




Eui-Tae furrowed his eyebrows. "Are you that embarrassed of them..?"



Hyo saw Aiyana's face light up when he said that, and a small part of him felt bad that he lied. "Yeah, why does it matter?" He replied, turning back to his original self.

Aria shook her head, quickly finding an excuse. "No, it's not that. I just feel like the person who lives here might feel uncomfortable with a bunch of posters on the wall, and might be annoyed. I don't want them to be upset or anything." She told him, which was partly true when she thought about it.



"Ice is useless." Aiyana concluded as the woman brought their plates. She smiled in thanks and took her lasagna, placing the good food down in front of her.

Eui-Tae thought for a moment, then shrugged his agreement.. "I guess you're right. I'd feel the same way about my posters, so I see where you're coming from."



It took all it had in him not to tell her why ice wasn't useless and why it was a necessity. He thanked the waitress and grabbed his plate, annoyed that he had to eat the lasagna and pretend he liked it.

"I'm just going to keep them in a small area where no one will find them." She said, smiling a little to try to lighten the stupid conversation about posters. She opened her suitcase and grabbed her laptop and her chargers, setting everything up on her desk. "You can leave if you'd like, I just need to put my stuff away." She told him, plugging in her laptop with her charger.

( Is this a good reference or unrealistic? xD)

(wrong link)



Layout is pretty realistic, decor not so much.)

Aiyana started eating happily, lasagna being her favorite food. She would occasionally drink from her coke, then go right back to eating.

Eui-Tae nodded, then smiled and waved while turning. "Alright then, I'll go back to my dorm. See you around, Aria!" He said and waked out the door, closing it behind him.



Hyo started eating as well, trying to ignore the fact it tasted disgusting and trying to not have a disgusted look on his face. Every once in a while he would take a drink of the coke, upset that it didn't have ice. 

"Alright, thank you!" She replied, taking her clothes out and hanging and folding her clothes. She noticed the bag with her dress in it and carefully took it out, admiring its beauty once more before hanging it up carefully in her closet.



Aiyana quickly finished her food. She ate rather quickly for a small person and sat back with a smile. "That was good lasagna. Now I'm going to look like I'm pregnant for the next twenty four hours because of how much I just ate." She said with a laugh.

Eui-Tae walked back to his dorms quietly, planning on reading once he got back.



Hyo smiled from her comment, nodding to make her believe that he liked the lasagna. "It was," he told her, not wanting to hurt her feelings. "Anyways, when are we leaving?" He told her, wanting to leave the restaurant as quickly as possible.

Aria was putting away her stuff in her bathroom when she noticed a shampoo bottle that looked like hair dye, and it made her wonder what she would look like with blonde hair while she was putting stuff away. She glanced at the mirror and noticed her reflection with blonde hair. She widened her eyes in shock and blinked, seeing her hair looked like it's normal color again. She raised her eyebrow, wondering what that was.


(Welcome back xD)

"Now, I guess." Aiyana said, standing up. She left a tip for the waitress on the table and took the bill to go pay.



Hyo quickly followed her and gave the cashier his money to pay. "I'm paying, Aiyana." He told her, formal as possible because a cashier was in front of the two.



Aiyana raised her eyebrow. "Excuse you? I'm the one who dragged you here. It's my responsibility." She said in Korean, so the cashier coulnt's understand. She smiled sweetly at the girl and said, in English. "I'm sorry ma'am, he has seemed to have gotten this confused. I'll pay, give his money back." In the sweetest way possible, she took the money out of her wallet while the cashier refunded Hyo. While the girl did this, Aiyana shot him a look that said "Don't object, you'll regret it."



Hyo glared at her, ignoring her warning. "No, it's fine, please refund her, I can pay." He told the cashier, quickly giving her the cash. "No, it's my responsibility. If your brother found out about you paying he'd kill me." He replied in Korean.



"I should kill you myself..! Or at least hurt you severely! It's not your job. I'm the one who wanted to come here, thank you very much." She said in Korean and began heading towards the door.



"Yes it is my job, I'm supposed to be here to watch you and take care of you, besides why does it matter if I pay or not?" He replied, following her out the door while thinking she would be the type to let someone else pay.



"Because I can take care of myself." She said, emphasizing care. She started down the sidewalk, but matching Hyo's speed to walk beside him. She just didn't feel right, letting someone else pay for her.



Hyo sighed, realizing he wasn't going to convince her. "Well, is there anywhere else you want to go or can we go back to the school?" He asked her, trying to change the subject.



She laughed. "Yes, we can go back to school." She said with a smile. The sun was about to set, and by the time they got back, it was sitting just above the trees on the horizon.


Hyo followed the girl when they went back to to the school, happy he was able to sleep when they got home from a long day of going places.



Aiyana started walking towards the girl's dorms, then turned to him. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow?" She said with a half smile and a small laugh



"Yeah, I guess so, bye Aiyana." He told her, quickly walking to the male dorms so she wouldn't see him smile from her laughing.



Aiyana was sad to see the day end, and watched him leave for a moment before catching herself and turning, quickly walking to and into the dorms. She bounded up the stairs and opened the door to her room, quickly shutting the door behind her. She walked to her bed, not expecting anyone else to be in the room, and fell onto it face first with an "Uuuuugh."



Aria quickly paused her drama he was watching from hearing the door open and turned around only to see Aiyana, the girl she met on the first day of school lying on the other bed. "Aiyana..?" She said, quietly. 



Aiyana jumped at the whisper of her name and looked around the room frantically, scared before her eyes landed on her sister, then confused. "Hey... Why are you in my room..?"



"I got kicked out of the dorm I was in, and they sent me here I guess.." She replied, taking off her headphones to speak to the short girl.



"Ooooohhh," Aiyana nodded, her eyes widened. A smile spread across her face. "Does this mean we're roomies..?!"



"I guess so..?" She replied, hoping she wasn't like her sister who would make her learn dances with her all the time and kept her busy.



"Yay!" Aiyana said excitedly. "Now I can safely annoy someone who I know can't change rooms!" She grinned jokingly.



"Oh dear.." She replied while laying back on her chair.


(my aunt needed me to come over and help decide my schedule for iceskating)




"Oh dear is right." Aiyana asked with a leugh. "So, how has your day been?"



"Good, just tiring. Eui-Tae finally convinced me to go to homecoming, so that'll be fun" She replied sarcastically, still not really wanting to go but Eui-Tae already bought her a dress and everything.



Aiyana sat up on her bed quickly. "Really?! I'm surprised!! How'd he manage to do that?"



"I don't know, honestly. I really wanted to just stay in the dorm alone and watch a drama, but he managed I guess." She replied, putting her hair in a ponytail again.



Aiyana laughed. "OhmyGOD YAY! Now I won't be as awkward there, I'll know someone!" She said excitedly, clapping her hands.

(Brb in leik five to ten minutes)












(Thanks  :D )



Aria smiled at her optimism, getting up out of her chair to grab her phone on her bed, "True, I just think it'll be awkward the whole night. What do you do at homecomings anyways?" she asked, sitting back down to charge her phone.



Aiyana shrugged. "I know just about as much as you do. I've never been one. But I've heard it's a dance?" She says, her voice getting high in quesion at the end.



Aria raised her eyebrow in confusion. "If that's it then why are people so excited about it?" she asked, confused why it was such a big deal.



"Because it's a chance for them to show off themselves in dresses and be romantic." She says simply with a shrug. "I mean, it's the one night you can go all out without being judged, so I can see the appeal." She admits.



"I guess, I can see your point. It's probably just not for me." She replied, wondering when homecoming was happening. "When is it exactly..?" She asked, tilting her head in confusion.



"Saturday at six?" She said, sounding more like a question. She was unsure of what time it was exactly, but felt like it would be at that time.



(What day is it supposed to be? OvO)



(Wednesday p)




Aria nodded, not wanting to think of homecoming. "So, where are you from?" She asked, trying to change the subject.



"From Japan, moved to America when I was like two months old." She explains with a shrug. "And you..?



"Korea, I got to America recently when I enrolled in this school." She replied, remembering the terrible jet lag.

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