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Roleplay Recap 5 Offical Plot pt 1

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  • 6:13XMysticFennecX(Alright, you start so I can know what to do with Eui-Tae)
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  • Welcome to the Boarding School RP Wikia chat 
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  • 6:22GracieLazyCrazy2115Aria was walking to the coffee shop that she went to yesterday to get coffee. She remembered the events that happened yesterday and wondered what her abilities were. As she was walking, she was thinking of Eui-Tae, not paying attention much she passed by a window and saw her reflection, and saw Eui-Tae for less than a second before flickering back to what herself looked like.
  • (I think that's how her powers work? Idk xD)
  • (Dude I'm sad,I can't even remember my own character)
  • 6:23XMysticFennecX(I do the same thing xD)
  • 6:23GracieLazyCrazy2115(xD)
  • 6:29XMysticFennecXHyo was slouched down in a chair when Aiyana awoke. She sucked in air when she moved to sit up, but pushed through the pain in her side to be upright. She stared at Hyo, amazed. Did he bring her back..? How'd he even find her, she was in the middle of a forest? The mint-haired male was slid halfway off the seat, his hand holding up his head. He looked like he got negative sleep, making Aiyana instantly feel bad. Eui-Tae was engrossed in a manga, birds chirping around him. He payed the feathered mammals no mind as he indulged in the words. He sat in a dog park, canines running about and playing amongst themselves.
  • 6:35GracieLazyCrazy2115Aria questioned why her reflection looked like Eui-Tae for a second. Thinking she was still a bit drowsy, she walked in the coffee shop and ordered coffee. Aria paid for her coffee and walked out the coffee shop to go back to her dorm. While walking back she noticed a familiar face in a dog park. She raised her eyebrow why he was there but ignored it and walked back to her dorm.
  • 6:39XMysticFennecXHyo slowly, but surely, woke up, pulling his head off of his hand and stretching his fingers. He sat up in the chair and rolled his shoulders, scowling. Damn girl, having to take the bed.. Then not waking up and making him fall asleep.. He finally looked towards her, but she beat him to it. She was already staring at him with confusion, along with a couple of emotions Hyo couldn't name. His own expression hinted at something when he saw her awake; relief.
  • Eui-Tae froze. He heard a chilling sound from above him. It squeaked, High-pitched and angry. He knew it had spotted him. In a trying-to-look-calm-but-really-rushed manner, he closed his book and stood up, casually checking the time. as he heard the sound getting closer. His heartbeat sped up.
  • 6:50GracieLazyCrazy2115Before Aria left to her dorm, she heard a high pitched noise near Eui-Tae's direction, she turned her head and noticed him getting up. Curiosity got the best of her so she decided to watch and see what the auburn-haired boy was doing.
  • 6:55XMysticFennecXHe could now feel it behind him. In a last resort effort, he sprinted away. His legs carried him to the sidewalk where he continued to run, hearing the creature's claws scratching on the cement behind him. The noises fueled his resolve as he ran across the street, praying a car would hit it. Sadly, the brown thing was still alive. After crossing the street, he shredded down the sidewalk to the nearest shop and, as calmly as he could (Which was not very calm) ran in and closed the door behind him. He turned to look out the shop window at the squirrel that had terrorized him, which was already making it's way back to it's park.
  • 7:09GracieLazyCrazy2115Aria laughed at the sight she saw and noticed he ran in a grocery store. Debating whether or not she should go to that store and ask if he was alright or not. She decided to go because she had to buy stuff anyway. While walking she noticed the squirrel that attacked him was going back to its tree.
  • 7:16XMysticFennecXHyo cracked his neck, scrunching up his nose at the sound. "Good morning, sleeping beauty." He said, returning his gaze to Aiyana. She looked down, guilty and embarrassed. "Hey..." She mumbled. She found her courage and looked up, opening her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. After a second, she found her words as well. "I'm really sorry about yesterday and sorry about you having to come save me and about everything I said and about taking my anger out on you and about throwing a tantrum and about badmouthing my brother and... My brother..! I need to talk to him.!" She rambled, motor-mouthed and a million thoughts flying through her head as she felt her back pocket. Her phone wasn't there. She frantically looked around the room, spotting her phone on the desk and getting up to go and get it. She started over, taking one step when a sharp pain flushed over her left side. She winced and sucked in a breath, the pain making her legs weak. Hyo jumped from his chair and was over in a se
  • cond, grabbing her arm to steady her.
  • 7:24GracieLazyCrazy2115Aria walked in the grocery store and laughed when she saw Eui-Tae staring at the dog park through the window. She walked up to him and tapped his shoulder. "Why were you running?" She asked, laughing when she remembered the sight, taking a sip of her coffee.
  • 7:26XMysticFennecXHe jumped. his eyes wide and mouth open in surprise when he whipped his head to face you. He quickly covered his expression with a grin. "Heeey, Aria. When did you get there..?" Aiyana huffed, staring at the ground through squinted eyes. Hyo spoke first. "Don
  • 7:27GracieLazyCrazy2115(xD)
  • 7:29XMysticFennecXDon't push yourself. I haven't checked your condition yet, so wait until I do that before you start jumping up and stressing yourself out." He said, leading her back to the bed. She sat on the mattress, one side of her nose scrunched in pain.
  • 7:43GracieLazyCrazy2115(TEST)
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