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Roleplay Recap #8 (For District, Uni, And Tiffany

  • Deva nodded at Aria's order, repeating the order to the cashier in hushed whispers. Deva slid 20 dollars down the counter and led Aria to a secluded part of the coffeehouse, making sure no attendee and eltie at Springsville could see her.
  • 5:11GracieLazyCrazy2115*As I follow Deva, I notice we were going to a secluded area, I was alright with it because I didn't really want to see anyone or speak with a lot of people. Soon afterwards I notice a slim female walking around that would be in her late forties.*
  • (I'mma bring Min-ji into this )
  • 5:16Mrs. Gasoline(yay! sorry for being afk again)
  • Deva narrowed her eyebrows, pulling out a silver, rock candy flavored candy bar in order to ignore her boredness. "Who're you looking at?" Deva asked hastily, noticing Aria's off-pitcher glare. Deva followed Aria's stare and didn't see anyone except for Min-ji, which she simoly shrugged at, because her and Kim had never spoken to each other anyways.
  • 5:20GracieLazyCrazy2115"...For some reason, she kind of looks familiar to me, I don't know.." I say to Deva, trying to remember where I saw the woman's face.
  • 5:26Mrs. Gasoline"You HAVE?" Deva exclaimed in question. "Kim Min-ji? She's on the school counsel, it's a surprise if you've ever seen her before." Deva explained, raising her eyebrows at the Rhode Island born teenager. "She stays secluded, but she's always in town with her son." Deva finishes.
  • 5:32GracieLazyCrazy2115"I haven't seen her in this school, but back in Korea I believe I have, like in a photo or something.." I say while in thought. My eyes reverted back to Deva as I sigh, I knew I saw her before, but I didn't know where.
  • 5:37Mrs. Gasoline"That's.... still surprising. She always.. oh my god, she was assigned too.." Deva muttered under her breath, her eyes widening in shock. Looking at the cashier, she saw that he had their drinks in hand and she motioned Aria to come forward. "Your coffee and my hot chocolate is ready."
  • 5:41GracieLazyCrazy2115"Hmm? Did you say something, Deva..?" I ask her, not soon afterwards I notice the cashier wanting me to come grab the drinks, so I got up and started walking over to grab them.
  • 5:42Mrs. GasolineDeva silently breathed a sigh of relief, before shaking her head no. "No, of course not." She nervously fidgeted, before grabbing her hot chocolate from the duo cup holder.
  • 5:45GracieLazyCrazy2115"Alright then..," I say with suspicion in my voice, very sure I heard the girl say something.
  • (DONE)
  • (I made my edit for Dabdab- I mean Bambam x3)
  • 5:46Mrs. Gasoline(oh my god XD)
  • Deva took a bite of the silvery chocolate bar and then a sip of the hot chocolate, doing a repeat pattern. "Are you done with your coffee yet? I'm almost complete done with my hot cocoa." Deva questioned, furrowing her eyebrows at Aria and mentally chuckling.
  • 5:48GracieLazyCrazy2115(XD)
  • (That's the person in my profile pic xD)
  • (He's my bias x3)
  • (Can we pretend she drank it? I forgot she was drinking coffee xD)
  • 5:50Mrs. Gasoline(Okay XD)
  • 5:54GracieLazyCrazy2115"Yeah, I finished it already, if you'd like we can go back to the school, because I believe we have to be there soon." I reply, being a bit less tired and wondering what time it was in Connecticut.
  • 5:57Mrs. GasolineDeva nods, before motioning Aria to follow her out of the coffee house, only stopping when she gets outside. Deva reaches for the silver teleporter, and holds it out, waiting for Aria to walk into the sandy land beside the bistro.
  • 5:59GracieLazyCrazy2115*As I follow Deva, I walk past the woman I saw earlier, noticing she glanced at me, I shrugged it off and walked to Deva, getting ready to leave the coffee shop.*
  • 6:02Mrs. GasolineDeva furrowed her eyebrows at Aria, however, she didn't ask Aria anything. Pressing the silver teleporter in Aria's hand, Deva linked Aria's fingers with hers and whispered 'the corridors before Headmaster's office.'
  • 6:05GracieLazyCrazy2115I then noticed what happened earlier happened again, I noticed that we somehow just got back to the school when I didn't even remember us walking. Me being more awake, I then raise my eyebrow in question and wonder if I was the only one who noticed that. "Hey Deva? Did you notice that we got here very quickly? I didn't notice us walking for that long or anything either."
  • 6:07Mrs. GasolineDeva nodded, shrugging her shoulders. "Yeah, we didn't walk." Deva simply replied in response, before knocking on the Head's door five times and kicking it as a sign that Aria is with her.
  • 6:10GracieLazyCrazy2115"..Alright then..?" I replied back. Ultimately I was confused, but I thought for a split second that she might of been a little high on something. She was also acting a bit weird when she muttered something in the cafe earlier as well.
  • 6:17Mrs. GasolineDeva smiled as she saw the door swing open. "Headmaster, I've brought Aria, as you can see." Deva said, moving her hand in Aria's direction to note her presence. "I've also eaten that disgusting silver bar for 'healing my strength'. I haven't been on ANY mission since that one." Deva argued. The Head simply smiled. "Come in," He said, ignoring Deva's other comments and stepping out of the doorway.
  • 6:20GracieLazyCrazy2115(BACK)
  • 6:21Mrs. Gasoline(wb)
  • 6:23GracieLazyCrazy2115I then noticed a man sitting down on a chair, and I tilt my head and stare at Deva for what she said, I then confirmed in my mind that she was high on something and this "Headmaster" didn't know if she was normally like this or she was on drugs.
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