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Roleplay Recap #6 (For Gassy, District, and Tiffany)

  • Gray sat down outside, as far away as he could get from where Sophie lived, after a brutal talking to by Sophie. 'You could have said something to her.' Gray thought to his demon. 'She didn't let me.' The demon thought back to Gray, and this is what kept happen as Gray sat down by a bush, him and his demon fighting in his head
  • (Btw, so you like my new char, Lucy Crookvile?)
  • (*do)
  • 4:57GracieLazyCrazy2115(Yeah, but she kind of has the same power my character does xD)
  • 4:57UniPacific16(Which one?)
  • 4:57GracieLazyCrazy2115Beauty goddess powers: Lucy can change her's and other people's appearance, clothes and makeup. She also knows how to make someone look their opinion of beauty.
  • (Aria is a Metamorphagus)
  • 4:58UniPacific16(I meant which character)
  • 4:59GracieLazyCrazy2115(Seo Aria)
  • 4:59UniPacific16(She can do more also you going to go?)
  • 4:59GracieLazyCrazy2115(??)
  • 5:00UniPacific16(I meant are you going to respond to the Rp)
  • 5:02GracieLazyCrazy2115(Yeah)
  • *I start walking around the campus afterschool, listening to an audio book with my phone, I find an empty bench and I sit down, sighing of what happened the other night, questioning this school.*
  • 5:05UniPacific16(Using Aria?)
  • 5:05GracieLazyCrazy2115(Yeah)
  • 5:07UniPacific16(Ok I'm using Renee and Gray now)
  • 5:07GracieLazyCrazy2115(Okeh)
  • 5:08UniPacific16Renee, hating the winter, was lying down on a deckchair she taken from her room with only a bikini on, trying to get as much sun as she could without turning into a crocodile.
  • Gray finally got a break from fighting with his demon, only to see two girls sitting near by, one of them not really liking him. So Gray went with the safer option and went over to the green haired one. "Why do we always met when she is near by?" Gray said as he stood over Renee, pointing towards Aria
  • 5:10GracieLazyCrazy2115*I then pull out my homework from my backpack for my Language, doing my homework.*
  • 5:11UniPacific16(Do you use any other character other than Aria and the half elf dude?)
  • 5:12GracieLazyCrazy2115(I would like too, but I dun have any other ones to play. xD)
  • 5:12UniPacific16(I thought you did)
  • (you can use Lucy, Sophie and Naia if you ever want to use other characters)
  • 5:12GracieLazyCrazy2115(Only two so far, but I might be able to play some other characters. I dunno)
  • (Thanks )
  • 5:14UniPacific16"Maybe because you are always annoying people?" Renee said looking up at Gray. "Did you ever apologise to her because you were a real jerk than and I don't like you looking like that." 'Oh shit, did I really just say that?' Renee thought to herself
  • "No I didn't and did you really just hit on me?" Gray said, leaving the comment hanging in the area before he went over to Aria. "Hello?"
  • 5:16GracieLazyCrazy2115*Naia cheerfully skips along out of class, smiling at everyone, still excited by the fact she is a half mermaid. People staring at her for being over cheerful, but she ignores them and goes out to the campus.*
  • *I grab my phone and take out my earbuds, pausing the audiobook to only look up and glare at Gray.*
  • 5:18UniPacific16"Don't kiss her again, Hot head." Renee yelled out to Gray before a new girl came into a view. Renee got off her deck chair and walked over to the redhead. "Hi, you new here?"
  • "Hey, I'm just here to say sorry for what happened last time we met. My sister, I'm guessing would have told you of my 'illness' so it wasn't all my fault." Gray said looking down at Aria
  • 5:20GracieLazyCrazy2115*Aria*: Me not wanting to talk to them, I grab my books and quickly shoving them into my backpack. I then put my earbuds and phone in the pockets of my hoodie. I keep glaring at Gray, wanting him to move out of my way.
  • (Should the school have a pool?)
  • 5:21UniPacific16(Think so. The school does have a half mermaid and a daughter of Sobek)
  • 5:22GracieLazyCrazy2115(Mmkay)
  • 5:22UniPacific16"It sometimes gets a hold of me and I can't stop it. You do know you can just tell me what you want and not just give me a death stare." Gray said as his demon came up with the same thoughts it did when they first met Aria
  • 5:24GracieLazyCrazy2115*Naia cheerfully skips to Renee, her seeing her earlier, she lets out a cheerful smile, waving at Renee* "Hi best friend!! How're you today?!" Naia said very loudly as she gives her hand to Renee to shake*
  • (How did I do? I think she's very cheerful and such, right? xD)
  • 5:24UniPacific16(Exactly how I wanted Naia to act.)
  • 5:25GracieLazyCrazy2115*Aria* "Can you move out of my way please? I have somewhere to go." I bluntly say to Gray, waiting for him to move.
  • (Nice )
  • (All I did is have my unfiltered self poured into Naia's character. xD)
  • 5:25UniPacific16"Ah hey, Red. Have we ever met before?" Renee said as she shook Naia's hand, accidentally making some water pour from her hand
  • "Cause you asked nicely sure. I'm just being curious, have you been to the Headmaster yet?" Gray asked Aria as he moved out of her way
  • 5:26GracieLazyCrazy2115(If water touches Naia does she turn into a mermaid?)
  • 5:27UniPacific16(Nah, she can do it whenever)
  • 5:27GracieLazyCrazy2115(Okeh)
  • 5:27UniPacific16(but sure, like it could be her letting her powers slip)
  • (Gtg can you please recap for latter)
  • 5:29GracieLazyCrazy2115*Naia* "Woah! That was like water came out of your hand! That was, well, AWESOME!" Naia says happily, assuming that was her powers. "And yeah, I saw you this morning! I'm Naia, Naia Melody." Naia says, with a cheeky smile across her face.
  • (Okeh, bye)
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