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Roleplay Recap #5 for Gassy, District, and Tiffany

  • Naia woke up extremely early that day because her mother was taking her to Springsville, a school that she only knew was for special children that were extremely good at something, as Naia was good at swimming she just thought that was why she was going. Once being dropped off by her mother with her clothes and a letter that she got told to only open once she got to her room, Naia went to were she was told her room was and started unpacking, singing a song about running in a field in Greek, not knowing she was using her Siren song
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  • 7:06GracieLazyCrazy2115(BACK)
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  • 7:07GracieLazyCrazy2115*As I stepped out of the shower I then dried my hair to comb it, and then got dressed.* (Wb)
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  • 7:09UniPacific16(So are Aria and Naia roommates or just next to each other?)
  • 7:17GracieLazyCrazy2115(Next to each other)
  • 7:19UniPacific16Once unpacking her clothes, Naia stopped singing and opened her letter, reading her mother's handwriting that her mother was a mermaid. {No way}. Naia then filled up her bathtub, put on her swimsuit while the tub filled up in case what she was doing didn't work, and jumped in the tub, thinking about turning into a mermaid. "This is epic." Naia said out loud, a bit to loudly as she rubbed her hand over her green fish tail. She then turned her tail back into legs and pulled the plug, using her powers to get all the water off her and decided to go met her neighbours after she got dressed, so once she got dressed
  • 7:21GracieLazyCrazy2115*When I finished getting dressed, I combed out my hair to towel dry it, soon afterwards I combed my hair once more and let it down. Afterwards I walked out of the bathroom to sit on my bed and look at my phone.*
  • 7:21UniPacific16Sophie after learning what her brother and his demon did to a girl, Sophie thought she should apologise about what her brother did to the poor girl. So once going up to the Head to find out about the girl, Sophie realised how stupid her brother really was. What was he thinking going against the Head's plans. She used magic to teleport to the stairs by the girl's floor and knocked on her door
  • (Want to use Sophie)
  • 7:23GracieLazyCrazy2115(?)
  • 7:23UniPacific16(I wanted to use Gray's older sister)
  • (Naia is going to run into her)
  • 7:25GracieLazyCrazy2115(You asked me to use Sophie xD, but I dun really want to, but mmkay xD)
  • (If you want I can play a character if it helps )
  • 7:26UniPacific16(I meant I want to use Sophie)
  • (Renee or Gray if you want)
  • 7:27GracieLazyCrazy2115(Okeh xD)
  • *I then hear someone knocking on my door. I awkwardly walked up to the door and opened it, only to see a girl with violet colored eyes and dark hair at my door.* "Hello..?"
  • 7:30UniPacific16"Hey. You may not know me but I'm kind of a teacher here but also the weird ass boy you met yesterday's big sister, so I'm just here to apologise on behalf of him and my family for what he did." Sophie said as she reached her hand out quickly and touched Aria's hand, seeing everything that happened the other night
  • 7:34GracieLazyCrazy2115*I then slightly get ticked off about what happened last minute, and sighed* "You should just help your brother by taking him to a mental hospital. I actually think he's on drugs."
  • 7:34UniPacific16Naia finally got dressed and walked out of her room, running into two older girls. Hoping to see some of her powers at work, she tried to figure out how she could use what her mother called a Siren song, turning the power on to the full extent, making whoever could hear her voice tell her what she wanted. "So, what are you two most deepest secrets?"
  • Thinking of a good excuse for Gray, the best Sophie could come up with was involving him being crazy, so just she wen with it. "Well that wouldn't help. Gray can't really be helped by them cause he is kind of mentally disabled, also thinking that the voice in his head is another person, or should I say demon." Sophie then saw another new girl, much younger than herself and once she talked she was complied to do what she said. "I'm into girls and I hide it from my whole family."
  • 7:42GracieLazyCrazy2115*I then stare at her say,* "My family abused me and my rights."
  • 7:44UniPacific16"Wow ok that was weird and dark." Naia said stepping away from the older girl, hoping she didn't get any ideas. "Now just go back to what you two were talking about and act like I just said hi."
  • 7:44GracieLazyCrazy2115(Who's older?)
  • (OvO xD)
  • 7:46UniPacific16"Oh, hey." Sophie said reaching out for the girl, touching her shoulder and getting what just happened. {I didn't just say that}. "So, I know you're name cause, well like I'm said I'm kind of a teacher so what is your name, young redhead." Sophie said to youngest girl, knowing that she was a half mermaid
  • (Sophie is 26)
  • "Well, I'm Naia Melody." Naia said getting a little bit impatient to get back to having a tail so started making scales grow on her legs
  • (So you going to add any other chars?)
  • 7:52GracieLazyCrazy2115*I then start to wonder why I said that, realizing if my family found out I said that I would be killed. I then just shut my door, only to grab my backpack and earphones. I walk out of my dorm and go outside for fresh air where the benches are.*
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  • 7:55GracieLazyCrazy2115(??)
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